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Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition

Review Written By: John Kingdollar

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition

Under Defeat is a shoot 'em up style game that was developed for arcades in 2005 and Sega Dreamcast in 2006. Rising Star Games, Inc. recently released a revamped version with better graphics and extra features. This game is available for the PS3 with a price of $29.99. Also included is an additional disk that contains a soundtrack and digital art book.

When the game starts, a brief story is given about a war within a divided continent between the Empire and the Union. Casualties and exhaustion peak, causing the two sides to agree on a ceasefire. Unfortunately, the war continued and new weapons of war were unveiled. Within reach was a peaceful solution, but a battle of large proportions was about to begin. Now it's up to the player to continue the fight and end it once and for all.

As a player, you are in control of a helicopter armed with three different weapons. One is your standard shot, regular rounds with unlimited ammunition. The next weapon is a bomb (maximum of six) that wipes out everything including enemy fire that is shown on the screen. The third weapon is actually an option of three different items. These items are the Vulcan, Cannon, and Rocket. Your duty is to destroy Union forces while avoiding enemy fire.

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition

Luckily, the controls aren't very difficult and take little time to master. At first, controlling the helicopter might seem awkward but after a while you get the hang of it. This game favors those who aren't too familiar with a PS3 controller. During gameplay, only a total of three buttons are needed out of the 17 that are located on the controller. You use the left joystick for moving the helicopter. The O button is used for shooting and optional items. Then the X button is used for the bombs. One tricky part is that you have to release the O button to change which way the helicopter faces, otherwise you will find yourself facing in one direction the entire stage. It's a good idea since releasing the O button also allows you to charge up one of the Vulcan, Cannon, or Rocket options. If you don't like the current control settings, you can change up the buttons for weapons and include the right joystick for helicopter movement.

The game is set up in stages, each with different combat vehicles and terrain. As you progress through each stage, the screen is constantly moving. Maneuvering, shooting, and dodging enemy fire from tanks, helicopters, boats, turrets, and other units provides players with changes of pace that require different strategies. Then to top it off, you get the face the "boss" at the end of each stage. Be careful; once you use up all your lives and continues, you have to start all over again at stage one. There is no save option.

Even though the title says "Deluxe Edition," there's not really anything deluxe about it. The deluxe part must refer to the extra game modes available. There's a new world order mode, arcade mode, and a practice mode. New world order is the exact same as arcade mode, except you get the entire screen to look at and any high scores you achieve will not be recorded to the PlayStation Network. For those who want their high scores recorded, you must play in arcade mode. In this mode you are faced with a rather small screen with graphics on each side as if you are playing on a real arcade game. Practice mode enables a player work on their gameplay by selecting any of the stages they have unlocked along with the number of lives and difficulty settings. Not only can you start at any stage, you can choose which area in that stage you wish to work on.

This game is highly recommended for those who enjoy shoot 'em up style games. It’s action packed with a lot of challenges and a decent story line. Those who aren't particular to certain game genres should give it a shot. Just keep in mind that casual gamers might have a difficult time getting very far. It can be pretty hard, even on the easy difficulty settings, which eventually cause the game to get frustrating and boring very quickly.


Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition



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