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Why Just Been Paid and JSS-Tripler are Scams

Review Written By: Alexander Hinkley

I don’t usually review websites like this one but being that I’m always up to make some money online, I decided to try out Just Been Paid and their JSS-Tripler system. In my experience, they are complete wastes of time and I want this review to serve as a warning for anybody considering investing any of their money into this program.

Just Been Paid and the JSS-Tripler found at are relatively new sites that promise members can make tons of money online. As a very brief run-down, the way JSS-Tripler works is that members buy "positions" (what these are isn't actually ever made clear - supposedly advertising positions but the ads are never seen) for $10 each. New members are even given $10 free into their accounts to get started. Each position then earns you 2% on your investment daily each weekday and 1.5% on your investment daily each weekend. Wow! This sounds too good to be true! That should be the first red flag. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

There are many other warning signs that Just Been Paid and JSS-Tripler are not legitimate ways to make money online. The first is their website design. It is very poorly made to say the least. Just take a look at the screenshot I took of their site recently at the bottom of this article. The site looks amateur and cheap. We are made to believe tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of dollars are flowing through this company and THIS is what their website looks like? As I have been exploring the site and reading their information, I was embarrassed to show it to people. It just looks like a scam and many friends I tried to refer commented as such.

Another red flag can be found on their frequently asked questions page. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not members can receive payments via Paypal. Their answer is no because Paypal might consider them an MLM program and freeze their account. So in other words, Paypal would consider them a scam and not allow payments to be made to or from them using their service. If one of the biggest global e-commerce businesses online thinks that, why shouldn't you?

To further add to the fishiness, Just Been Paid sent out e-mails to all of their members on July 18th, 2012 stating that one of their approved payment processors, Payza (formerly known as AlertPay), cannot be used anymore because they will “no longer accept high risk websites to process payments.” This is important for two reasons. First of all, it is yet another well-known payment processor (like Paypal) who will not do business with Just Been Paid. They deem JBP’s program model as “high risk.” You will not find warnings about the riskiness of JBP or the JSS-tripler on their website. In fact, it’s almost like they guarantee you will make money. Strange how outside businesses don’t seem to agree. Secondly it is important because it’s one less way to actually GET your money. It is becoming harder and harder for the average person to get paid from using this program.

A third warning flag is the hidden fees. I could actually be wrong about this one because the site is full of confusing and sometimes even contradictory information (why do they have to make everything so complicated?!?!) but from what I can gather, you can't actually withdraw any money unless you have an upgraded account. A level two account costs $15 for three months and a level three account costs $57 for three months. So despite the fact that they start you off with $10 in your account, you're still going to need to fund things on your own in order to get anywhere. The free $10 is nothing more than a tease to lure you into the system when you see that you are "making" money after buying your first position. You also have to upgrade in order to "receive the second half of your JSS-Tripler earnings, by allowing you to receive the free JSS positions you are entitled to when your JSS-Tripler Positions have expired..." whatever that means.

Secondly, there is an 8% withdrawal fee when you actually do withdraw money to any of the approved payment processors. Withdrawal fees are pretty standard these days but 8% seems a bit steep. For comparison, Paypal only charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

Perhaps the biggest red flag of all however is one's own common sense. 2% daily? Give me a break. Most interest rates accrue annually so how on Earth does JSS-Tripler return this money daily? Why aren't multi-millionaires investing huge amounts of money in Just Been Paid?

As I was reading through the comments section on one of the various "Is Just Been Paid Legit?" articles I found online, a user brought this issue up in a comment saying that someone has already asked this question of CEO Frederick Mann in one of the conference calls. His answer was that the 2% return would not be significant to them. This is utter ridiculousness but let's test it with a hypothetical scenario.

The JSS-Tripler has a few restrictions placed on it where an individual member can only purchase up to 500 positions per day and up to 25,000 positions total. Let's assume that a millionaire looks at JSS-Tripler and decides to max out his positions. At $10 each, 25,000 positions would cost him an investment of $250,000. With a 2%/1.5% daily return on these earnings, he would be making $5,000 per day on weekdays and $3,750 per day on weekends. Using their nifty "earnings calculator," someone with 25,000 positions would be making roughly $150,000 per month. Multiply that times twelve months and that is $1,800,000 per year. Does this look like "insignificant" earnings on a measly $250,000 investment?

Let's also not forget that you would be earning this money by doing absolutely nothing. There's no risking it on the ups and downs of the stock market. There are no operating expenses that need to be paid as if you were running a business. There's no work to be done or anything to do. You simply sit back and watch the millions roll in. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Use some common sense people. This site and its concept of free money is clearly a fraud. It is a very common dream to want to get rich by doing nothing. People want to believe they know the "secret" that they stumbled across some great "system." But a dream is all it is. If you want to actually make money, you need to work for it. You need to have knowledge, skills, and a good work ethic. It won't be freely given to you unless you get some sort of inheritance.

Just Been paid Just Been paid

Update: 8/23/12

It looks like Just Been Paid has been "bought out" by another company called Profit Clicking. Not only that, but CEO Frederick Mann has supposedly "retired." Looks like I was right about JBP, it was a scam. The following message can currently be found on their website:

"The time has arrived to step into the future! For months the rumor mill has whispered about the prepared evolution of JustBeenPaid!. With confidence we are thrilled to officially announce the acquisition of JustBeenPaid! by Profit Clicking.

Due to its extensive member base and unprecedented business model, Profit Clicking has taken advantage of a significant opportunity to use retail products and services to enhance the organization’s core.

The retail division opens a world of possibilities to members, including a brand new traffic exchange system, a pay per click marketing network and a cutting-edge contact management and marketing system.

For you, the switchover is simple and what is more important, your accounts are waiting to make the migration. Your downline, current marketing links, packages and user experience is ready for you to complete the process! Simply click on the link below and log in! More instructions will follow.

We appreciate your continued support, participation and patience while we press forward during this transition process. Please stay tuned for our latest updates.

These exciting changes from an extraordinary man mark the end of an era for JustBeenPaid!, and with that the retirement of Frederick Mann. As we embark on a new journey with Profit Clicking at the helm, we wish everyone many more decades of online success. "



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