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League of Legends Shaco

Jack In The Box did 1,521 damage in 3.35 seconds? According to the League of Legends Wikia, when maxed out this ability deals 855 (+180% AP) magic damage over the course of 5 seconds.

For it to deal 1,521 damage in 3.35 seconds, the Jack In The Box would be averaging 454 magic damage per second. Thus it can be extrapolated that in 5 seconds, it would have dealt 2,270 total damage.

Assuming this Shaco had the ability maxed out, it deals 855 base magic damage. That leaves 1,415 damage based on the +180% AP ratio bonus. In other words, Shaco would have had to have roughly 505 AP for his Jack In The Box to output this much damage. That's not even taking into account any of the victim's magic resist.

In the screenshot you can see the only AP items Shaco had were Liandry's Torment, Blasting Wand, and Twin Shadows. This is only +130 AP - nowhere NEAR the 505 AP needed to output this level of damage. With only 130 AP, the max damage that Jack In The Box could have inflicted over a full 5 seconds would have been 1,219. In 3.35 seconds, the most should have been 814. Again, that's assuming the victim has absolutely zero magic resist. Even if Shaco had every rune and quint slot devoted to Ability Power, which is unlikely, it still wouldn't be enough to account for a disparity of nearly double damage.

Furthermore, considering Shaco's current inventory and the fact he doesn't even have upgraded boots yet, we can safely assume he is NOT level 18 so even though a maxed out Jack in the Box wouldn't be enough to do this kind of damage, his Jack In The Box ability wouldn't even be maxed out to begin with.

So how did one box do this much damage?  


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